What's up @ HH Producties?

26 mei 2020

Since the 13th of March, many things has happened. While slowly the first festivals announced their cancellations in March and April, all of a sudden a big cancellation wave came over us.

In a few weeks we saw more than a year of work being washed down the drain and the companies and we are facing an empty calendar until September.
No festivals, no performances, no turnover, no income.
And very little support…..

Creations have been stopped, premières have been cancelled or postponed, we all came to a certain standstill like if someone had pulled the emergency break in a train and we were now on a meadow in the middle of nowhere.
It’s like coming out of a concert or a very noisy performance. You still have the adrenaline in your body, and you hear the beep in your ears, but you are not there anymore.

We were facing a new reality.

Luckily all the artist and companies were and still are in good health. Performances have been postponed to autumn or next year and new initiatives have been started.

After the first big shock, we felt that we had to hold on to our friends and colleagues. To share the pain, to talk with each other, to share this terrible experience. And it was great to have had morning coffees and drinks with zoom in our office or in our living room.
Thank you all for sharing your stories, it was really heart warming and it meant a lot to us!

We now feel that we have to move forward, forward to a new reality. It’s still unknown which reality the new reality is, but that’s also the challenge of an unknown reality.

We’re moving on a new path, but still a path which leads to bringing people together, to surprise, astonish and amaze them with beautiful performances.

Because that is what we do, and what we love to do.

Good vibes from Amsterdam,
Huub & Tanja