About us

HH Producties is a creative and adventurous theatre agency.

<p>Based in Amsterdam, the world is our playground.</p>

HH Producties

HH Producties is a creative and adventurous theatre agency. Based in Amsterdam, the world is our playground. Since 1998 we have been traveling the world together with [inter]national theatre and circus companies.
We settle down where people crave magic, wonder and connection. In short: everywhere.
At festivals, in theatres or tents. In nature, in the streets and on the squares.

However, many things precede to a thunderous applause. Here, in this foreland, you come across HH Producties. We team up with companies, explore their needs and map out a direction. Then we hit the road. With three guides: our knowledge, skills and contacts.
The tour can take you past co-producers, residences or locations. Along with everything the company needs to be able to shine. The shortest path to applause could be, for example the search towards a director or a coach. Adequate support or encouragement when writing an application for subvention prevents detours. Along the way, we regularly check the direction. If necessary, we adjust it.

You might have discovered, we set the bar high. Simply because it was made for that.
We are therefore a solid partner for companies, organizers and programmers.
Accurate, passionate and reliable. Another characteristic is our solution-oriented approach.
A matter of optimism, cross-grained thinking and agility.

Limitless curiosity is also part of our basic attitude. Every year our team sees around two hundred performances across Europe and sometimes beyond. If these performances disrupt, surprise or give us goosebumps, then we know bullseye! Such a special discovery we love to share with a wider audience. We like nothing more than putting together a program or developing a completely new artistic concept. Our clients: festivals and events.

Huub Heye, Tanja Ruiter and Joana Gispert Bendicho are the permanent core of HH Producties. Our team is supported by freelancers and international interns.

We are here, you there.

But if you like quality and adventure, it’s likely that our paths will cross.

Until then.

Tanja Ruiter (© HHP)
Huub Heye (© HHP)
Joana Gispert Bendicho (© HHP)