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HH Producties

HH Producties is an innovative street arts, circus and theatre agency that cooperates with national and international companies and organisations.

We assist productions in the area of marketing, administration and financial settlement, and offer programming and consultancy services to festival organisers.
When not behind our desks, we attend festivals and professional meetings in Europe to see exceptional productions, discover great performance locations, be part of the latest developments, and share perspectives with colleagues.

Our passion for out-of-the box performances in unusual locations, drives us to create something special out of ‘thin air’.
Nothing is as rewarding as turning an ordinary street, a bleak square or park into a stage for an exquisite performance.
When we see our productions amaze and move an audience, we have done our work well.

The main core of HH Producties is formed by Huub Heye and Tanja Ruiter. The team is extended with a freelance staff when required.

Huub Heye

Huub Heye

… studied at the conservatorium of music and went on to teaching.
… created HH Producties in 1998 and undertook several large-scale and small-scale art projects, ranging from multidisciplinary festivals to location theatre. In 2006, HH Producties transitioned from a project bureau to a theatre agency and Tanja joined the company in the same year. Working as a team, HH Producties was developed by Huub and Tanja into the format under which the agency operates today.
… controls the broad outlines and sets the agency’s artistic strategy.
… within HH Producties, he is responsible for marketing, promotion and management.
… is always adventurous; with a keen eye out for a new project or a good idea.

Motto: It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

Tanja Ruiter

Tanja Ruiter

… studied media & entertainment management to learn the best way to organise festivals and events. Soon she discovered that, in order to develop an understanding of the world of theatre and festivals, you have to act and dive into the job, knee-deep. And she decided to specialise in artist management, intellectual property rights, marketing and finance.
… joined HH Producties in 2006 and with Huub made the transition from project company to theatre agency in its present form.
… within HH Producties, she is responsible for tour planning, administration and financial affairs.

Motto: nothing is impossible.