Cie Grandet Douglas

Le Contrevent

Ever dreamed of a magic flying carpet ride while a pianist accompanies your flight with marvelous music? Close your eyes and let the world go by?
In the fantastic world of Grandet Douglas this dream becomes reality.
Be surprised by a special mobile structure and a piano which is so light that it defies gravity.
Sitting on a comfortable flying carpet, the miracle unfolds before your eyes….

Julien Lett's artistic roots can be found at the conservatory, where he graduated in the direction of dramatic arts. He also followed here  music and piano lessons.

Together with Théâtre de la Toupine he created Bestiaire Alpin in 2006, a beautiful carousel made of driftwood which was found in the Alpes. The carousel consists of lovely handmade wooden animals, and on the side a pianist is playing his piano.
Here the initial idea of integrating a piano in the carousel was born.

Julien can also be found on the stage. With the French company La Chouing, he toured across Europe and played various roles in different productions. Besides acting he also creates artistic sets and theatrical installations. In recent years he mainly has been a construction, musician and actor. Currently he is playing in ‘Vero 1ère Reine d’Angleterre’ from compagnie 26000 Couverts.

All his experiences, constructing, creating and performing culminated in the creation of his own company Grandet Douglas in 2016.

Facts & Figures

  • outdoor | indoor
  • fixed place
  • language no problem
  • audience participation
  • suitable for all ages
  • 240 minutes
  • 1 x per day
  • Dijon (FR)
  • Website