WIRWAR Producties / Laura van Hal - BONJE – creation 2021

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  • indoor
  • outdoor
  • 6+
  • fixed place
  • Language No Problem
  • Haarlem (NL)
  • website

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WIRWAR Producties / Laura van Hal - BONJE – creation 2021

A quarrel ... whether you like it or not, could eventually come in your way.
Every now and then small and nasty and at other times you can end up in a bigger twist.
And then what do you do? Because how do you actually do that, arguing?

Do you walk straight into it? Or do you run away?
Are you the stubborn one? Do you continue at all costs to be right or do you lower your sword?
Are you withdrawing or do you start roaring? And then, what happens next?
Do you take the first step towards a compromise?
Do you surpass yourself or do you dig in?
How long does it take before you can clear the air and start laughing about it?

BONJE (a QUARREL) is a humorous circus theatre performance for the whole family.
An acrobatic sensation, with two acrobats and a mime artists, full of recognizable situations about arguing and quarrelling.