HH Producties welcomes companies Pernette and Cie Oposito !

12 nov 2018

We are delighted to let you know that we have started a new collaboration with two French companies this year!
Compagnie Pernette is a celebrated dance company known for its refined aesthetics and very precise choreography. We are happy to present the performance La Figure du baiser.
Compagnie Oposito is one of the biggest and well acclaimed French street theatre company, and imagines new ways to turn the streets into a magical space. Because, don’t you think too that beauty can change the world?
Let us present you Trois Éléphants passent…, Kori Kori and Le Cinématophone.

We can’t wait to find amazing festivals and venues and unusual location where their creations can perform.
Perhaps one of the performance is soon the be seen at your festival?